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Trina T.

 Co-founder and Cuddler in Chief

Bio: After spending the initial years of Kranti living with the Krantikaris in the Kranti family home, Trina now runs the extended Kranti family home in Bangalore for Krantikaris who need extra cuddles. Her skills include, but are not limited to, making unending supplies of green tea, hot chocolate, unhealthy snacks, helping Krantikaris with college applications, references, yelling at Krantikaris to stay in school/college, followed closely by supplying more hot chocolate.

Trina is a true-blue Bengali from Kolkata, whose favourite breakfast is rice and fish curry. She grew up in Nepal for 15 years, so mountains feel like home to her, and she runs to the Himalayas whenever life gets too hectic. Trina has been trying to get Robin to be her mentor for years, to learn compassion, patience and unending love from her. But the Krantikaris keep her so busy, Robin has had no time, unfortunately :P

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