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Join the Revolution

Learn how to volunteer

in-person or remotely.

Learn which items we are in need of.

Volunteer In-Person

Volunteers make our world a better place! If you live in Mumbai (or if you’re visiting), you can...

  • Teach workshops with your unique skills and knowledge (dance, photography, tech, art, social justice, whatever you love!)

  • Tutor

  • Offer administrative support (help us get things organized or prepare for events)

  • Do anything! (If you have a skill to share, we can use it!)


Volunteer Remotely

If you’re not in Mumbai, we can still use your help!

  • Research (looking for grants, schools, activities, camps, hotels, or anything else that requires an army of Googlers)

  • Fundraising

  • Writing and editing

  • Social media (like and share to get us out there!)


Donate In-Kind

We appreciate donations of…

  • Kitchen supplies (somehow we never seem to have enough unbroken plates)

  • Books (we LOVE to read!)

  • School supplies (notebooks, pens, art supplies)

  • Technology (cameras, computers, or other devices in working condition)

Please contact us if you would like to contribute.

In Kind

How would you like to donate?

 Kranti depends on donations for education, therapy, and supplying our girls with basic necessities.

Without amazing people like you, we wouldn't be here!

Each link below is a different avenue in which you can give. Thank you for being a true Krantikari! 

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