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Back in June, during Mumbai's worst downpour, the Kranti girls were really upset because they could hear a little kitten crying for 3-4 days, and they did everything to find her - Sum knocked on all the neighbor's doors, Shraddha scoured every dusty corner of the building, and Robin even stood on ledges outside the windows. And finally Farah and Ashwini found the kitten (ME!) stuck in the tire of an abandoned car, ACROSS the street. So you can probably imagine how loud I am! :) I love Kranti and I'm very grateful to be here. Because aside from my Whiskas kittens meals, I spend my entire day stealing rotis, parathas, dosas - anything I can get my claws on. And just like the Krantikaris, my favorite times of day guessed it, CHAI time!! I LOVE chai and biscuits! I also love my time with the Krantikaris. I especially love attacking their feet, biting their hair, and messing up their neatly folded clothes. Please don't think for a second "poor girls." Because they take revenge every single day, especially when I'm sleeping. Actually, they're are all jealous of me because I sleep 12-15 hours a day and they're lucky to get 7-8 hours! So when I'm sleeping, they come pull my ears or yank my tail and wake me up. This is why I have to hide in their clothes for my naps. Anyway, no complaints. As long as you keep the chai and biscuits coming! 

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