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Hi, my name is Tara and I'm also a teenage girl....of the cat kind! I was homeless, crying on the street for days outside a cake shop. One day some Krantikaris came to buy a cake, and luckily for me, they took pity on me and brought me upstairs to Kranti! It's great living here, I'm very pampered and I get lots of attention. I also get lots of food. Because when Vandana wakes up at 6am, I meow and meow and meow until she feeds me. Then when Lata wakes up at 7am, I meow soooo loudly and convince her that I'm starving, and she feeds me. I do this with every person who wakes up until 10am, then it's time for my morning nap. In my free time, my favorite activities include hunting cockroaches, eating earphones, and tearing all the yoga mats in the house. I also LOVE big groups, whether it's a Kranti house meeting or even visitors, I HAVE to be the center of attention. So whenever big groups of people come to Kranti, I sit in everyone's lap to see whose lap I like best. I also love when people fight over me and take photos of me. Maybe I learned this from the Krantikaris?? Life is pretty perfect here, nothing more I could ask for. Well....I could definitely use some more cockroaches! 

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