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Taniya Y.

Taniya - Hope

For five years I lived with my mother's partner, he called himself my dad but every day he raped me. At 16, I made the hardest decision of my life - to run away from him, but I didn’t know where to. Lucky for me, I found Kranti. And today, I think success is to hope for a better future no matter how hard your past. Today, I am chasing my lifelong dream -- to become a flight attendant! I am in a one-year program, please pray for me that I will get hired next year by an airline! :) Also last year, I became a licensed zumba instructor, and I attend Zumba class every day and also teach Zumba in different NGOs in Mumbai several times a week. I hope that people who hear about my past and see my present can find hope for their futures.

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