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Shweta K.

Shweta - Acceptance

I was not successful most of my life, because I grew up in a brothel, because my skin was too dark, and because I was sexually abused for years. But in 2013, I became an overnight success when I got a scholarship to study in New York. I was the first girl from a red-light area to study abroad, I was named a Newsweek 25 Under 25, and I received a UN Youth Courage award alongside Malala. But you know when I TRULY became successful? When I learned to love and accept myself for who I am. Because a UN award can't make me successful, and my skin color can't make me unsuccessful. The only thing that can make me successful is to accept my skin color, accept my abuse, accept my background, accept my UN award.....and accept and love myself EXACTLY the way I am. (I’m 23 now, and I’m studying for an MA on a full scholarship in Italy!)

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