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Sheetal J.

Sheetal - Responsibility

I learned what responsibility meant at age 12, when I started working as a domestic worker and had to finish all the housework before I was given dinner. Then, I was angry with all the adults in my life, but today, I am grateful because I am able to take responsibility for my younger brother and also my mother, and this, for me, is success. Right now, I’m a Gender Lab fellow, which means I teach gender equality and provide leadership training for 300+ teenage girls in Mumbai’s government schools. It’s exhausting and I cry almost every day, but I LOVE my job! Sometimes even I can’t believe that I am responsible for so many people!! (And oh yes, I’m also a drum circle facilitator on the side and I love using drums in the classroom too because I think students can share and heal through music in a way they never can with words.)

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