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Jayshree P

Rani - Forgiveness

My father died when I was eleven years old, and I was upset with my mother because when my dad died in the morning, she brought a new man home the same evening and said this is your new father. For the next two years, this new father beat me and my mother almost every day. I moved to Kranti after that, but my mother still faces this violence. You know what makes me successful? The fact that I have let go of my anger for my stepdad and also my mother. I can see now that they are both normal human beings who are trying their best at life....they just have some limitations. And I've learned that the biggest gift we can give ourselves and others is forgiveness.

PS I LOVE theater and I want to have my own theater company someday that works with marginalized communities to help them heal. Because theater helped me a lot to heal and I want to share this gift with the world. But until I can do that...I’m studying in 12th and next year I will apply to university! :)

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