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Pinky S.

Pinky - Compassion

Someone sold me when I was nine years old, and before I came to Kranti, I used to live on the streets of the red-light area where I would beg and steal to feed myself. As you can imagine, when I first came to Kranti, I was very angry with the world. I used to smoke, cut myself, and do lots of harmful things. At Kranti, I’m lucky to have a wonderful therapist and I’ve been taking medicine for four years which helps me not to harm myself. In my time at Kranti, I also had the chance to do many programs like Outward Bound (US), Songs of Hope (US), and Free Spirit (Israel) where I slowly learned to love myself again. The journey is far from over, and I know people struggle their whole lives with these types of problems. But I’ve been lucky enough to learn that the only success that matters in life is to have compassion for yourself and everyone around you. (PS - I LOVE animals and I hope to one day become an animal therapist.)

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