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Mahek D.

Mahek - Gratitude

I had two sisters, but we all grew up in different orphanages. When my mom decided to bring us home, she found me and Taniya, but we never found the middle sister. Then, four years ago, my mom died. Most people feel sorry for me when they hear these things, but you know what? When I lost one mom, I got four new moms. I lost one sister, but I got 20 new sisters! When I lost my normal family…...I gained Kranti. I am so grateful for Kranti, but also for all the strangers who support us and make our dreams possible. Today, I study in one of India's top boarding schools on a full scholarship. And I consider myself the luckiest, and the most successful, person on earth. Because to me, success is taking the time to be grateful every day to the people who make my life possible. Thank you!

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