Lal Batti Express


Upcoming Performances

We currently do not have any performances scheduled – please contact us if you’d like to support us bringing a performance near you!

Change Through Theatre

Lal Batti Express is a three-segment depiction of our past, present and future – our mothers’ work, our childhoods in brothels and NGOs, the discrimination we’ve faced, the struggles we’ve overcome, and our hopes and dreams for the future.

The title Lal Batti Express means “Red-Light Express,” as in the Kamathipura red-light area, but also as in a VIP “red-light.” The world might not see or treat us as VIPs, but the “red-light” in the title (as well as the train component) symbolizes our personal journey from being the most marginalized of society to teaching mainstream society through theatre. Through this play, we want to share our stories with the world!

Our Grand U.S. Adventure

Starting on 12 May, 2015, we traveled to New York, Washington DC, Chicago, LA, and San Francisco, returning home on 21 June 2015. We had the time of our lives!

Our five-week itinerary, in addition to our performances, included visits to NGOs working on girls’ and women’s rights, sex workers’ groups, universities, schools, prisons, and other organizations working with marginalized youth.

Now we’re back home in India, and we’ve continued to perform at NGOs, festivals, and more!

How to Help

If you’d like to organize a performance at your NGO or performance venue, please contact us!

You can also download our program to get a preview of what’s in store for you when you attend our performances.