About Kranti


Who We Are

We are from Mumbai’s red-light area.
We are daughters of sex workers.
We are girls who were trafficked.
We are survivors.
We are young women with big plans and big dreams.
We are leaders.
We are agents of change.
Kranti means “Revolution” in Hindi – and we are the Revolutionaries!

What We Do

Kranti is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that empowers girls from Mumbai’s red-light areas to become agents of social change.

Kranti believes that girls from red-light areas have an added value as change agents, not despite our background, but because of it. 

If we have access to the same education, training, and opportunities as people from privileged backgrounds, we will become exceptional leaders – more innovative, compassionate, and resilient due to our life experiences.

Look out world – here come the Revolutionaries!

How We Get There


Therapy: Because change starts from within

We have faced abuse, rape, and other types of violence. To help us overcome society’s prejudices toward ourselves, our mothers, and our community, Kranti offers each Revolutionary multiple therapies, including art therapy, dance movement therapy, EMDR, and CBT.


Education: Because changing the world requires critical thinking as well as literacy

At Kranti, we believe the purpose of education is empowerment and social change. We study in mainstream and open schools, and attend trainings with partner NGOs. Most importantly, we study at the Kranti school, where we broaden our minds through meditation, Music Mondays, TED Tuesdays, Worldly Wednesdays, Thinking Thursdays, and Field Trip Fridays. Read more about our school here!


Extracurricular: Because social change is led by well-rounded human beings

Each Revolutionary is required to take two extracurricular activities: one physical and one artistic. We’re learning everything from photography, drawing, singing, piano, and drums to karate and dance!


Social Justice: Because social change must be taught and learned

Through workshops, documentaries, theatre, guest speakers, and field visits, we learn about the root causes of India’s social justice problems, what the situation is today, and how we can help create a better tomorrow.


Workshops: Because changing the world requires practice

We have led dozens of interactive workshops across India for over 20,000 people at schools, companies, and NGOs. Topics range from trafficking and sex work to gender equality and sexual abuse.


Theatre: Because the world’s a stage, and we are born actresses

In 2013 the Revolutionaries wrote, directed and performed our first play. It was such a hit, we were invited to perform in 50 different venues. Our second play, Lal Batti Express, has been performed all over the U.S. and India for over 100,000 people! Support us at our upcoming performances!


Travel: Because you can’t change the world without seeing it first

Kranti takes 3-5 trips every year. While traveling, we visit NGOs, lead workshops, and experience the world’s diversity. More importantly, it helps us develop the confidence, grit, and open-mindedness that can only come from traveling.

Learn even more about Kranti by downloading our pamphlet – don’t forget to share it with your friends!